Smart Saver Vancouver

Good day INTERNeX family,


Best lunches under $10:

Today I will share with you some notable places to have a great meal in this city without breaking your wallet.  For those cash strapped days in between paychecks, everyone still has to eat.   Enter the address into Google Maps for the exact locations but try one of these places around town.  You’ll feel it worth your while.

1.)  Hon’s Wonton House     1339 Robson Street or 268 Keefer Street

2.) Samurai Sushi                    1108 Davie Street

3.) Stepho’s Greek Taverna 1124 Davie Street

4.) Vera’s Burgers  (Various locations)  213 Carrall Street

5.) For the adventurous type. Deutsches Haus Restaurant on Victoria and 33rd Avenue in East Vancouver.


There you go folks, try one of these favorite local eateries and continue enjoying Vancouver the smart saver way.




Your PR Team



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