Story David (Winner INTERNeX Contest)

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to share the best experiences of David with you. David was one of the winners of the INTERNeX Canucks Contest.
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David´s Diary

My best experience in Vancouver/Canada is just being here. So it is not enough just to tell youabout one particular day. That is why I decided to write some kind of a diary note which includes alot of experiences I made here on several days. So the way I tell my story is fictional because it does

not happen on one day, but all that happened since I arrived here in the middle of August. I structured it by the time things occurred in reality. I will mention things out of the daily life as well as some crazy moments from all the Internex events I joined. So enjoy it!

Dear diary,

today I had the day of my life. Time went by slow so I visited Lake Louise (Rocky Mountains), meta lovely bus driver on my way to work, had tons of fun on a Rafting Trip, I visited Whistler and finally I danced on a Halloween Party in our house. But now I tell you in detail:

7:00 am

It is Friday of the last weekend of November and our bus is leaving right now to the Rocky Mountains. We already had some nice days of skiing this year, although it is only November. But the next two days we will hopefully have some of the best ski days of our lives. But first I have to sleep a bit more, because it is 7 in the morning, and that is too early for me….

7:30 am

I am waking up in a tent in the Chilliwack Rafting Area. I am regretting at least the last beer yesterday night. We were sitting til 3 in the night together at a campfire, telling some stories to each other, some of us have been in the sauna. It was a funny crazy night and now I am looking forward to go rafting. I have never done that before, so I don´t know what is going to happen. I am the third guy who is awake. So somebody has to wake up all the others, and that is what I am going to do now with a metal pot and a cooking spoon, I hope I will survive, because most people in this world don´t like being woke up by the noise two metal items develop when you hit them against each other….

8:30 am

I just finished walking the 200 metres from the Staffhouse to Granville Street where my bus to work is running. And, like it is sometimes, I am standing on the one side of the street and the bus is passing on the other side. Buses are running actually frequently in the morning, but I don´t want to wait, so I decide to try to overtake the bus with running to catch it on the next stop. Might maybe sound impossible, but the bus is now waiting on a red traffic light, so I got a chance. I cross the crossroad diagonal but now the lights turning to green, so the bus starts running only 20 metres behind me and I still have 300 metres to the next stop. So apparently I missed the chance but I keep running. I start waving, maybe the driver sees me. I am from Berlin, so I am used to very unfriendly

bus drivers. There they would just pass me. But the one in this bus starts pushing his horn in a motivating rhythm, cheering me to run faster. I look to the left and I see the bus going right beside me in my speed. All the other passengers are laughing inside. Finally I am successful though and when I enter the bus, some of the passengers give me their congrats. Bus drivers like this one might be the reason why most of the Canadians always say “thank you“ to the driver when they get off of the bus.

9:30 am

….. I am sitting in a chairlift. It is Sunday morning in Lake Louise. Today we got the second chair up to the top of the mountain. It snowed the whole night. Ski areas here are a little bit different from those in Europe. They offer a lot of legal free-ride areas. And like I said, it snowed the whole night. So I am riding through nearly one metre of freshest powder. Fast with some nice cliff jumps in the huge Powder Bowl (a huge area

which is not groomed) and a bit slower, trying to find my own way through the trees. And it is actually even fun to fall down in this soft, comfortable bed of

snow. I am not sure if I am too enthusiastic, but the snow here feels softer than in Austria……

11:00 am

…. We are now sitting in the rafting boats. Nobody killed me this morning, but I guess I annoyed some people waking them up. That is what I wanted 🙂 You can feel a combination of fear and excited anticipation in the air. After some instructions we are

leaving the safe bank. Now our destiny is in the guide´s hands. But at least our guide seems to be a good one. I trust him! I have a lot of fun in the first exciting parts. But then we hit a rock and we are sticking between two rocks. So the guide tells me to get off of the boat to loose some weight to free the boat. He tells me to wait on a stone til the boat is ready to continue running. So I am sitting there on the stone watching a bit the awesome landscape and the next thing I see is my boat passingme without me in it. I

shortly consider if I should try a 3 meter jump in it but i don´t do it. So I am sitting

on a f***** stone in the middle of a raging river and all the boats are about 200

metres away from me. Should I try to swim to the bank? Better not. So I just wait. Somebody has to help me. And there we go, my guide is coming back with a rope in his hands. He throws it to me, I catch it, wrap it around me and jump in the river. It feels dangerous for the first seconds because I am underwater but then it is just fun to swim uncontrolled, I have to accept that this river is stronger than me 🙂 I survived and finally it was fun……

4:00 pm

….. An incredible ski day is over. Even in the last hours we had still fresh powder, because the mountains are not as full as they are in Europe. So enough snow for the whole day. But what comes after skiing? Drinking. Canada is famous for a cinnamon liquor, called Fireball. I already told you that bus drivers here are nice guys. So we ask the Shuttle driver if he could make a little deviation to the Liquor store and of course he is doing it. So we are going to have a nice party night……

4:30 pm

We had a really nice day in Whistler. It was only 1 1/2 hours to go there from Vancouver. I rented a car with four of the hundred new friends you make here. It is so easy to make new friends if you are here with Internex because you just have to join their events and `whoooopsiie` you have lots of people you can have fun with! The price for the whole trip (one day) was only $25. Now we are on our return way and suddenly a brown bear steps out of the forest. I have seen bears in the zoo before, but to see one in free nature is much more thrilling and exciting. So we turn around and

drive back to see him again. But we cannot find him anymore. So we are disappointed. I turn around again to keep driving home and all of the sudden he appears again and crosses the road right in front of our car. We feel safe in the car so we can just enjoy seeing him. After 1 minute of his ´show´ he walks into the forest and was never seen again. At least not from us. BUT WE HAVE SEEN A BEAR IN FREE NATURE 🙂

8:20 pm

We have a party in Internex´ Staffhouse each month. But this month, it is October, we don´t have just a regular party, NO, we have a Halloween Party. We decorated the whole house with really scary decorations like spider webs, a bloody table cover and there are ghosts hanging everywhere. First people are expected at 9 o´clock. Right now everybody is putting on his/her costume. The best costume will win a trip to the Rockies. So everybody is putting a lot of effort in it….

9:00 pm

….. The bus from the Rafting trip stops at Waterfront station in Vancouver City. Nobody is saying anything because everybody is just completely done from these two days somewhere in the wilderness of Canada. Rafting is fun, but it is definitely exhausting.

10:00 pm

……. We already drank some Fireball and a few beers, ate some Burgers and were sitting on the campfire. Now we are in the pub of our hotel dancing the Backstreet Boys´ choreography of the song `I want it that way`. We practised that a lot of times before in the bus, so we know the moves. It is still not perfect, but we are improving. There are maybe some people out there who might think that dancing the Backstreet Boys´ choreo is weird but it is not at all. I usually listen to German Hip Hop or Punkrock, but the Backstreet Boys are just legendary, they are the Beatles of the 90s, and

their choreos are the finest in the world. Just search for the song on Youtube and after 10 times listening to it, you will think the same. Believe me, I am an old and wise guy, or am I just drunk????……

12:00 pm

…… The Halloween Party is awesome. The costumes are even better then we all expected and we have roughly 100 people in our house. I cannot write so much because I want to go back to the party. Where is the beer? Oh the mummy got one for me!

1:00 am

…. We changed location from the pub to one of the hotel rooms of the Great Divide Lodge in LakeLouise. We have beer, some speakers and an iPod. So we keep partying……

3:00 am

…. We left the hotel room to enjoy the snow for a last time, because tomorrow morning the bus is leaving at 7:30. We realized that the fastest way to go through the snow is swimming. So we are swimming around……

4:00 am

…… And we are still swimming. We figured out that the fastest style is not like in water crawling but breast-stroke. So if you ever want to win a competition in snow swimming, don´t crawl!! But even the best evenings have an end so we are returning to our hotel room and fall asleep immediately. That was my day in Canada and I guess everybody else who comes here will experience the same fun I did. It was not everything I experienced here but some of the best days. So just come here, enjoy beautiful Vancouver, the powder snow in the Rockies, see a bear and try Fireball. It will make

you happy and love the Backstreet Boys.

I would like to thanks David for sharing this great story with us! It is great to read all your awesome experiences in Canada! And  because of this great story David went to the Canucks! You wanna go as well? We have 2 tickets for the 19th of December, Canucks VS. Minnesota! You wanna win? Click here for all the details!

Cheers, Lydia

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