Picture your Life (example)

Hi everyone,

As you might know we have an awesome INTERNeX Contest, namely picture your life and win Canucks Tickets! Today I would like to show you my life, I hope it inspires you to participate in this awesome contest!

My New Work

Since the beginning of August I work in the INTERNeX office. On this picture you can see me working on my desk in the beautiful INTERNeX office! When you walk in the INTERNeX office then you will see me first. I really like to welcome all the candidates.

My New House

On this picture you can see the house in which I rent my room. The view from my window is awesome, because in the evening I can see the lights on Grouse Mountain! I live together with Will, my Canadian house mate! I really enjoy living here.

My Favorite Place in Vancouver

It is very hard to pick only one picture, since there are so many great places in Vancouver. But I decided to use this beautiful picture of Second beach in  Stanley Park. Last summer I went there very often!

My Favorite Leisure Activity

It is very easy to choose my favorite Leisure activity, namely snowboarding. Last weekend I went to Grouse Mountain, the weekend before I went to Whistler, and upcoming weekend I will go to Lake Louise! It really enjoy it that I can go snowboarding every weekend! In my country, Holland, are not mountains at all! So this is paradise for me!

My Favorite Trip

The last four months I visited many different places, such as Seattle, Victoria, Bowen Island, and many place in the Rocky Mountains. My Favorite trip was going to the Rocky Mountains! I went there together with my sister. on this picture you can see me making pictures of the beautiful Lake Louise!

Picture your life! and win Canucks tickets, click here for all the details! But hurry up because the DEADLINE is already TOMORROW!

Cheers, Lydia

INTERNeX International Exchange

Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Web: www.internexcanada.com
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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