INTERNeX Canada: Rocky Mountain Trip Review

Last weekend I went 4 days to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Winter Wonderland! Discover Canada Tours invited me to this trip, to check out this trip and see if it interesting for you guys. And honestly, I really can recommend this trip! I had four fantastic days, and it was a great experience which I will never forget!

Day 1: On Friday morning we left the city of Vancouver very early in the morning. Our first stop was Hope, and our second stop was Kamploops. Our tour guide told lots of interesting facts about Canada. The sights along the way were beautiful! In the evening we arrived in the city of Golden, it was a beautiful hotel, including hot tub, swimming pool, and the option to join the guide for a great party!

Day 2: On Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast in the hotel. This day I decided that I wanted to go snowboarding in the Lake Louise ski resort! The tour guide brought the people who wanted to ski/snowboard to the mountains. The snow was perfect, lots of runs, beautiful weather, and an awesome view! At the end of the day we went to our hotel in Banff, which was a very nice hotel as well!

For the people who did not want to do snowboarding/skiing were many other optional activities, such as ice-skating, sightseeing, dog-sledding, or go to the Sulphur Mountain Gondola for amazing views of the Rockies.

The hotel in Banff had several hot tubs, and a swimming pool, in the evening it was party time in a nice club located in Banff.

Day 3: We started this day with a nice breakfast. the skiers and snowboarders had another option to go the Lake Louise ski resort for the whole day. other people decided to do dog-sledding, or ice-walking this day. I did some shopping in Banff, and we did a beautiful walking tour through the nature in Banff together with the tour guide.

In de evening we went Lake Louise, and we had the change to do some ice-skating on the lake. Afterwards we went to our beautiful hotel located in Lake Louise village. There was a campfire with marshmallows, we had lots of fun. afterwards we had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

Day 4: On the last day we left Lake Louise early in the morning, since we had a long drive back to Vancouver. But first we went to Kicking Horse ski resort, and we did some snow tubing, which was lots of fun. We made different stops on our way to Vancouver, namely Last spike, Kamloops, and Hope! the way back was beautiful, I really enjoyed watching the scenery!

I would like to thank Discover Canada Tours for this AMAZING trip! Furthermore I would like to thanks the great tour guide and all the people who attended this trip!

You wanna know more about this trip, or do the same trip? e-mail us 🙂

Cheers, Lydia

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4 thoughts on “INTERNeX Canada: Rocky Mountain Trip Review

  1. Hi Anorwen! Thanks for your comment! I also went to the Rockies in Fall, that time of the year is beautiful as well! If you get the change you really should go there, it is so beautiful.

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