INTERNeX Canada: Meike’s Pictures

Meike particpated in the Picture your life contest, and she won one the canucks tickets! today I would like to share her beatufiul pictures and great story you.

The first one should be of my new home. But to be honest: It’s just a small appartment with no charme! But THIS is the charme of my appartment: THE VIEW!!! I can see the mountains and the water! Every morning on my way to work I have this awesome view!!! And every day I am breathless!!! In summer it was amazing and as the first rain started… Even this was amazing!!! And now with the snow… Just amazing 😉

The second one is with the best colleagues in the world!!! I work at a preschool for kids with disabillities. I would love to show you some of them but I am not allowed. So I show you this picture! It was taken on a field trip with the school to the Pumpkin Patch!!! The kids could choose a pumpkin to take home and curve it. We did a haywagon ride and sang some songs and after that field trip most of the kids fell asleep on the way back to school.

As you can imagine the kids are soooooo cute!!!! Even when a day was hard and you wish you would have stayed in bed… Just a smile from this little (they are 3-5 years old), adoreable kids and your thought is gone! It’s so overwhelming to see them grow. On their first days they were so shy and it was so hard to say “good bye” to mommy and daddy but now it’s just a short “bye mommy” and they play with their friends.

One day I was in another classroom and I met “my kids” outside they just came to me, running and screeming :”Meike, we miss you! You have to come back!” On that point… Oh my god I had tears in my eyes!!!

Now picture three: My favorite place!!! GRANVILLE ISLAND!!! This picture shows you the view from “my place”. I try as often as I can to go Granville Island, have a Falafel and an Iced Tea and than I just sit on the bench and relax! I watch the people walk by, watch the Boats on thWater and forgett all the trouble around!!! I could spend a whole day there… Just walk, watch and relax!

On the fourth picture you see what I do when I am not at work: I go out with some friends! This picture was taken on the “Fright Night” at PNE. Usually I don’t like to get scared but this night was sooooo funny! All the actors were so amazing! We laughed so much and even though it was f….. cold!!!! We didn’t care! We walked trough the park again and again and we ride the Rollercoaster again and again (and we had to wait a long time everytime!!!). If I would life here I would be at the PNE every Weekend!!!!

The last picture was easy to choose for me becaus it was THE DAY of all days here. I decided to do a Whale watching Trip!!! I was a little bit scared because my last time on a boat was sooo bad!!! I was so sea-sick. But I alway wanted to see Orcas so I had to choose: To be scared and maybe regret it or just take the risk an do it! So I did it!!! The sun was shining and the Tourguide was so amazing so it became the best day ever! After 7 hours of just sitting in the Vessel we finally arrived a place where we could see some of the best animals in the world: Orcas! They are so friendly and so elegant… I can’t find the words to describe these animals! And as soon as you have seen them… They were gone! So it was not easy to get a picture of them. I just decided to watch them with my eyes and not with my camera. But I think this picture will show you how beautiful this moment was! Just to see how they swim next to you (and three of them were so close to our boat… We could have touch them!!!) and how the little ones play in the water… I would do it again and again and again!!!! And I didn’t get sea-sick but I had a sunburn at my face! But it was worth it!!!

Once again congratuatulations with your prize! And thanks for sharing your great pictures and story with us!

Cheers, Lydia

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