INTERNeX Canada: Frida’s Pictures

Frida won one of the Canucks tickets because she participated in the INTERNeX ‘picture your life’ contest! Frida wrote a beautiful story about her new live in Vancouver and she added some awesome pictures! Enjoy reading!

Something New

The 20th of September a girl from Sweden arrived to beautiful Vancouver. Far away from family and friends, she still belt a bit at home when the taxi stopped outside 1549 34th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. In a country where everything was different the house reminded her of home.

 Her new workplace came to be store specialized in sandwiches. The store was located at in a big food court center. Although it might not have been the most exciting environment she had ever seen, the people in it were always smiling at her and making up for it in the best of ways.

Once the girl was walking home from work, she found herself standing absolutely still at the middle of a bridge. She was amazed by the fact that the time seemed to stand still, although the endless line of cars were rushing by behind her back. The scene before her eyes were just so beautiful. It became one of her favourite places, a place where she could breath.

As time went by, the girl made lot of new friends from all over the world. Together with these friends she rediscovered the fun in a pair of skated and some frozen water. she had forgotten how much fun she used to have on the ice! The fact she started with a more or less painful fall did not stop her, she could always explain the bruises as worrier-wounds if someone would ask! And she made an awesome new friend; the blue plastic  “helper” named Igor. And it was wonderful to see how he always was there for her, supporting her in every move.

One very cold day in November the girl and a few of her friends went to Whistler, not to ski since the skiing season was not yet to start, but to take a long walk along the side of a big lake. Just as they thought that they could not get any colder, they met another group of people. This new group were swinging themselves in a rope above the icy water, just for fun, and made the girl surprise herself by joining them! But when they stripped their clothes of to just underwear she took a step back and settled for watching them as they let go of the rope and broke the calm surface of the lake during loud screams of joy and, as she figured, very cold water! There would be a lot more of those great days after that one, but it would definitely become one of her absolutely favorite ones.

three months in vancouver and the girl has a feeling that it is her favourite place in the world, missing nothing but her friends and family.

I would like to thank Frida for sharing to great story with us! It is awesome to see that she enjoys her life in the great city of Vancouver! Furthermore I am happy that she had a great time watching the Canucks playing against Minnesota!

Cheers, Lydia

ps: I hope to see you all on Wednesday on the PuB Night in Steamworks!!

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