INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend & Soccer Review

It´s Monday and I hope you´ve had another wonderful weekend here in Vancouver. There were many things going on, like the Chinese New Years Parade or the Soccer Semi-Final on Saturday and the Final on Sunday.
I spent my weekend in Victoria. I took the BC Ferry Friday night and came back on Sunday at 3.30pm. It was fun to see my old hostfamily and some friends I met at Uvic, while I was taking part in an English Program. We enjoyed ourselves downtown and at a party with some drinks and had lots of fun.
On Sunday I went back to Vancouver with the 1pm ferry. Usually it takes around 1 ½ hours with the ferry from Victoria BC to Vancouver, but not yesterday…
The coast guards searched for a 50 year old man in the ocean who got lost. The captain of the BC Ferry was not allowed to cross the area where they were looking for the man so we arrived in Vancouver 40 Minutes delayed. I went straight to the BC Place Stadium to meet with some other Guys to watch the Women Soccer Final.

Canadians started to like soccer so the game was already sold out. We went to a PuB to watch the game there together and had food and a few drinks, had lots of fun and were laughing a lot (of course not about the soccer game!). So even that we didn´t get tickets we made the best out of it and had a really good time.
Canada lost the Final against USA 0:4 but they are both qualified for the Olympic Games 2012 in London so they reached their goal and perhaps they are more successful this summer.
It was great to see that many people showed up to watch the Soccer Game together.We never thought about that the game would be sold out so we decided to cancel the plan to get the tickets already on Thursday, also because of the reason that we couldn’t make a reservation on tickets and we couldn´t collect the money earlier. I hope you enjoyed our public viewing in the Pub and hopefully we have more luck next time!
Have a nice week,


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