INTERNeX Canada: “INTERNeX goes Rockies 2012” Details

“INTERNeX goes ROCKIES 2012”

Rockies, Party, BBQs, Hotels with Hot Tubs and many specials

If you haven’t been to the Rockies, you haven’t been to real Canada

=> Now or Never!

This is the best mountain and party experience for the best prize you can get!

We’ll go over the Easter Weekend (6th April – 9th April) to the most beautiful countryside of Canada, the Rocky Mountains.
We have chosen the best possible route.
We will leave on Friday, 6th March and will come back on Monday 9th March.

You will not have to take a day off because it´s the Easter Weekend so you will have Friday and Monday off automatically.

More details about the Trip:

=> Hotels with indoor pools, hot tubs etc.

=> Best Sightseeing Tour with 2 professional Guides!

=> 2 BBQ´s & 2 Breakfasts

=> 2 huge Party Nights (2x FREE ENTRANCE + DRINK SPECIALS)!!!

=> PuB NiGHT with drinks for $2,75

=> Hockey Night

=> Campfire

=> A lot of things more


Where: Rocky Mountains

When: Friday, 6th April – Monday 9th April

Price: ONLY $ 325 for INTERNeX Candidates

                    $ 335 for non INTERNeX Candidates

You will have many different options you can book there:
Skiing, shopping, Sleigh riding, Snow Mobiling or a Gondola Ride to the Top of the Mountain are only a few options!

You will see the best parts in the Rockies… 100% FUN GURANTEED!

Don´t miss the chance! Write us an email to sign up and also join the Facebook Event


INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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