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The Stanley Cup playoffs started 2 weeks ago and the whole country is excited. The NHL playoffs are the best playoffs of all the major sports.

Any team in the playoffs can beat any other team. There are always surprises.
Hopefully this year the Los Angeles Kings are not the big surprise. They beat the Canucks already 3 times and only need one more win to move on to the next round. But yesterday the Canucks won so we can still hope that they win the next 3 games in a row.
Vancouver was the team which was first ranked in the Western League, Los Angeles was on rank 8.

The playoffs are very intensive. Take the intensity level of the regular season and multiply it by 1,000.
Of course also the NFL Playoffs as well as the NBA Playoffs are more intensive than the regular season.

The Hockey Players are beating the hell out of each other and they are playing with injuries that would put the rest of us in the hospital.


Here are some facts about the Stanley Cup:
•    It was first awarded in 1893 to Montreal HC
•    All players, coaches and management of the Stanley Cup winning team have their names engraved on the chalice
•    They each get a day with The Cup following the Finals
•    The Cup is guarded by one man, who spends around 250 days out of the year with it
•    The reason there’s a guardian is because of the 1993-94 New York Rangers, who damaged The Cup while
bar hopping after winning it
•    The Cup is accessible — people can touch it, kiss it, etc., but only winners of The Cup can hoist it above
their head or pour booze into it
•    The Cup holds around 14 cans of beer
•    It gets cleaned one-to-three times each day when players have it
•    There have been 11 engraving errors on The Cup, some to team names



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