INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week

This week we have a special picture for this episode of picture of the week. Paw is doing the eagles ad raptors project in the Delta area and has sent us an amazing picture of an eagle. He saw the eagle on his first day in Canada/Tsawwassen. He arrived at his home stay and the man of the house asked him if he would like to drive around in het area so that he can see how beautiful it is. They saw the eagle from a distance and Paw asked if they could get closer to the eagle. They came closer and it seemed like the eagle didn’t care, that they were parked so close under the eagle. I made some sounds like when they are screaming, it reacted a little but it didn’t flew away.

Paw took the shot close to Bounddary Bay and the eagle is sitting in a top of a phone pole.

Paw thank you so much for sending in your picture of the week.



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