INTERNeX Canada – What to do on the weekend?

It’s Friday! We hope you all had a wonderful week.  Another exciting weekend is finally upon us. We know that many of you are very excited for the EURO2012 soccer games this weekend. That brings us to our event this Saturday at The Blarney Stone. We will be meeting at 11:30 am to socialize and watch the games. Germany vs. Portugal will be live at 11:30 am and a replay of The Netherlands vs. Denmark will follow. Join us to cheer on your team!


Lies and I will not be able to join you for the soccer games. We would love to be there but Discover Canada Tours offered us a great opportunity. We will be traveling to Whistler this weekend to experience their white water rafting! We will be spending a day in Whistler and then we will head to Lytton for a fun night of camping and socializing. Then the next day we will be going white water rafting down the Thompson River. Thank you to Discover Canada Tours for offering us this great opportunity to try out their white water rafting trip! For more information visit their website!  (Photo Credit: Discover Canada Tours)


Another great opportunity is the Da Vinci – The Genius exhibit at Science World. This 10,00 square foot exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work would be a great way to spend your afternoon. You will be able to see reproductions of some of his greatest works, like the infamous Mona Lisa. Additionally, there will be full scale representations of inventions that were presented in his many notebooks.

For more information visit Science World’s Website




Luminato 6 is going on this weekend in Toronto. There are a couple of events going on at the festival on Saturday and Sunday. These events include Einstein on the Beach and La Belle et la Bête: A Contemporary Retelling. President’s Choice® 1000 Tastes of Toronto™ is also going on this Sunday at the festival. If you love food, this is where you want to be! For more information about the events taking place this weekend visit Luminato’s Website!



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