SmartSaver Vancouver – Zipcar

Do you ever want to pick up and go on a mini-vacation somewhere? Just to get away from Vancouver for a couple of days during your stay here? That is what all of us PR interns decided we wanted to do. We decided that we wanted to go on a day trip somewhere. After a short deliberation we settled on going to Seattle, Washington for the Fourth of July Festivities. Obviously I was excited about this because I am from the United States, but I wanted the other girls to experience a true American Fourth of July Celebration.

The one question was how we were going to get there. We could take a bus but that seemed boring and tedious because we spend every day getting to and from work on the bus. Then we seriously considered walking to Seattle. Okay, we really didn’t even consider that but it could of been a really unsafe option if we wanted to make it to Seattle 3 days. We decided that renting a car would be the best option. All of us expected that renting a car would be out-of-control expensive. That’s when we remembered the ZipTrip a few of the PR girls took in May.

Zipcar ia a very inexpensive form of travel for the short trip we were going on. I called and got my zipcard and was ready to pick out a car for the day! I looked through all of the options and I struggled to make a decision. Zipcar has so many options for cars. They have cars, suvs, almost anything you can think of. After going through all of the cars I picked out a silver Mazda 3 for the day. I have a Mazda 3 back in the States and I was missing it so it was really what settled my decision. It was also the perfect size car for all of us girls!

The 4th approached quickly and all of us girls met to pick up our car for the day. We met where the car was parked and set off to locate the car. When we found it I was in for an awesome surprise because it was red instead of silver, which is the exact color of mine in the States. It was just like having my car again :)! Then we were able to just use the Zipcard to get into the car. You don’t have to meet with anyone to get your car, that’s the awesome part about the membership. Zipcar makes your life very easy! They have cars scattered all over Vancouver so it is fairly likely you have one living near you. This makes it easy to get to a car without having to do a lot of traveling beforehand.

We got in the car and left for the festivities. It took us about 3 hours with customs to get to Seattle, which seemed to go by very quickly. It was easy to take the car from one country to the next without any problems. We started out in Bothell for a Fourth of July parade. I don’t know if it matched up to Canada Day’s but it was still pretty good. Then we continued to downtown Seattle. After breaking for lunch we visited the gum wall. From the gum wall we obviously had to visit the original Starbucks because of my love for coffee. We found a street performer who had snakes so we took some time to watch that and then it was time for a bit of shopping! My favorite store in the States is not in Canada quite yet so we made a “quick” stop there. We also stopped at a little store and Petra picked up a license plate for her collection.

It was finally time to make our way to where the fireworks were! We packed into the car and headed that way. We parked quite a few blocks away because of all of the people. We thought we would be early because the fireworks would not start for another 4 and a half hours. It turns out we were wrong. The hillside was already packed. We managed to find ourselves a little spot and camp there until the fireworks show. After a very long wait, the show started! It was amazing to see the fireworks while sitting on the side of the lake.

It was now time to pack up and go home. We headed back to the car and got out the directions to get back home. Little did we know that they would be directing traffic in the opposite way of where we wanted to go. After about an hour we got out of the craziness of Seattle Fourth of July traffic… thank goodness. It was nice to know we were out of the traffic but this meant we would not meet the time that we had scheduled the car to be back by. Surprisingly enough, that was not a problem at all to Zipcar. We just called and extended our reservation by a half an hour without any charges.

We finally made it back to Vancouver after a great day in Seattle. Zipcar made our trip so easy! We were able to go to Seattle and back in one day without feeling pressed for time. We would highly reccommend that you take a Zipcar if you’d like to save money and time on your next trip. Let’s be honest… where could you go wrong?

Check out the Zipcar link if you’d like to take a trip or just check out the website!



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