INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

I hope you all had fun the past weekend and begin this new week with plenty of energy and fun facts to tell us!

Friday we had a great pub+ club night! We took a couple of cocktails and enjoyed our company in Speakeasy!

I ordered a double “Blue Monday”  because I thought (I am so fresher…) that double meant a bigger glass! But like all you must know is just double alcohol, not more general cocktail!

After this kind of alcoholic mistakes, we all went to Venue! We were on the guest list so we entered for free!

The music was awesome! We left when the club closed so it was a large but great club session!

We slept a couple of hours and Saturday morning we just went to North Vancouver to do Paintball!

In the beginning we were kind of scared but after the owner told us the rules and the main information about paintball we just got completely scared. There were also lots of men with their own guns that didn´t help us to calm down.

There was a moment when everybody was thinking of leaving (so bravely) but we all took courage and entered in!

The place was like a battlefield where everybody was part of two different teams that fought against the other one.

I wasn´t shot but I have to recognize that I wasn´t the most brave player! But most of our candidates ended up very colorful!

It was nice to try new things and Paintball was absolutely perfect to release adrenaline!

What about you? Did you have a good weekend?



Check our flickr page out to see more pictures!



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