INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts

This is my first time in Canada, and there are a lot of new things that catch my attention.

The other night when I was coming back home, I saw three skunks in my street. I had never seen one before and there were three! They were walking quietly and at the same time like if they were hand in hand (or claw in claw…or whatever that the skunks have).

But there are more! My flatmates and I were having dinner and just in front of our window we saw a big rackoon climbing on it! Of course we hurried up a close the window like if there were a lion instead.

There are gentle animals, but it´s better not to approach them because if they feel threatened they can attack, and better not try it! Especially with skunks!

Everybody knows that Vancouver has a lot of wildlife, but I live in the middle of the city! There are just some plants and trees around my home! I can´t imagine what you can find if you live near Stanley Park or one of the multiple parks, lakes that Vancouver has.

British Columbia has the greatest concentration in bears of the world with more than 100,000 bears. They could be considered the most dangerous animal in Canada, but the main problem is humans usually see them like a cuddly animals because teddy bears or cartoons and some people feed them which is particularly dangerous because then bears associate humans with food! So never feed them!

In Vancouver Island are common the cougars, it´s is like a big cat, but dangerous. They usually attack the littler or more vulnerable people, so we must be especially careful if there are any children or we are short and thin (Xenia please take care!)

In some parks of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey nowadays we can often find coyotes. Humans are not usually in risk with them, but children can be!

We must enjoy all the awesome things that Vancouver offers like its wildlife but being always cautious!



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