INTERNeX Canada: INTERNeX goes Rockies – Summer Edition – Review!

Wherever you spent our long weekend, we hope it was a blast! For some of the INTERNeX candidates and the PR team it was probably one of the best weekends ever in Canada! Fantastic, awesome, beautiful – breathtaking nature, flash mob, campfire, BBQ, Jägerbombs!!!

17 of us joined West Trek for their famous Rocky Mountains tour. The party bus picked us up in Vancouver on Friday morning and we started our Rockies adventure. Lee, our tour guide, made sure we had four days of party party party during our stops and in the bus. He entertained us with games and jokes (supriiiiise…!) and made us dance, sing and love the Backstreet Boys again! We learned a lot about Canadian nature and the Rockies as Lee shared interesting facts and experiences with us. Did you know that there is a lake monster living in BC? Ogopogo didn’t show himself but a bear crossed our way!

We stopped our ongoing bus party to see the most beautiful spots of the Rocky Mountains! Mount Robson, the highest peak of the Canadian Rockies, and Athabasca Falls were some of the distinctive natural wonders of the mountains. Between the peaks the mountain lakes revealed all their incredible beauty. I am sure Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are among the most beautiful places on earth. The water is so blue it could easily compete with the bluest skies that we were lucky to have the whole weekend. We couldn’t resist jumping into these clear blue lakes. With water temperature just around 5 to 8°C it was a very extreme refreshment but when will you get a chance to swim in a Rocky Mountains lake again? Even colder was the glacier ice of the Columbia Icefields that gave us an impression of the eternal winters in the Rockies.

In the evenings we had BBQ dinners with the best view of the mountains and our party nights lasted until the morning! The hockey and pub night taught us to play street hockey and Canadian drinking games. Our club night in one of the most famous places in Canada was just mind-blowing – Banff was one hell of a party! A tasteful breakfast the next morning on top of the mountain was just right to get us going for the next day. Our last night at the campfire was an amazing open-air party where people mingled and had a lot of fun together.

All of us were from different countries but all the fun, the mountains and especially our incredible tour guide Lee brought us all together! It was such an aaaamazing and unforgettable trip!!

Leave a comment (or Call Me Maybe!) and tell us how YOU experienced the Rocky Mountains!



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