INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

We have spoken a lot about culture shock during our time here in Canada, but how has everyone felt once they are back in their home country’s? Have you had culture shock back at home after spending a long time in beautiful Canada? Today will be my first day back in Europe (Belgium first, then The Netherlands), and I’m pretty sure I will feel quite shocked after being away from home for so long. Even though the culture between Europeans and Canadians isn’t that different, there will be a lot of little things that I will miss hearing, seeing and eating.

1. I will miss hearing people say thank you when they get off the bus.

2. I will miss seeing the mountains and ocean on my way to work.

3. I will miss eating $1.25/slice of pizza every Tuesday.

4. I will miss being able to buy cheap fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s markets.

5. I will miss running into colorful personalities all around town.

6. I will miss making friends on the bus.

It’s the little things that count. Can you come up with some more things that are different in your home country compared to Vancouver? Leave a comment below.



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