INTERNeX Canada: Fun facts about Beer

A little Beer Guide

Canada is the #19 beer drinking country in the world with an average consumption of 68.3 liters a year per person (Germany is #3 with 115.8 liters!).  I don’t know about you but I had always wondered what the difference between ale and lager was until I finally looked it up. In this blog post I would like to share my amazing knowledge with you guys. 🙂

The brewing processes of these two major kinds of beer differ largely from each other. Especially the yeast fermentation is crucial for the taste of the final product.  Lager yeast ferments at cold temperatures and more aggressively, which means that it produces alcohol faster and leaves less sweetness behind. Ales, on the other hand, need higher temperatures and fermentation takes longer. After that, lagers are aged for a couple of months (this makes them cleaner and clearer), while ales only age for no more than a few weeks. Although both are beer, the two are as different as red and white wines. Lagers are clean, refreshing beers with typically light aroma and flavor. They are invariably served cold and can pair easily with a wide variety of food. Ales are complex, flavorful beers. Many are served closer to room temperature and contain rich aroma and flavor.

Okay, this was a super simplified version but I hope it gives you an idea and shows how sophisticated beer drinking can be if you put it the right way. Alright but let’s stop the theorising here and rather drink them beers before they get warm!

What’s your favourite beer brand? I guess it’s not from Canada, is it? Feel free to comment!

Cheers/Prost/Skål/Salud/Gezondheit/Santé and Salut!


P.S. I hope you didn’t read this and fight a massive hangover from last night at the same time! 😉

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