INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts – Graduation Day at SFU Vancouver

It felt like one of these American high school movies and at the same time, it wouldn’t have surprised me if Harry Potter had strolled past us. It was Queenie’s graduation day on Thursday! Irene and I were lucky enough to get a couple of hours off (thanks boss ;)) and headed out East, direction Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. All nicely dressed up and eager to be part of such a special day in Queenie’s life, you can imagine we were excited like little kids on their first day of school.

SFU boasts a stunning convocation mall, it is the big open space you can see in the picture to the right! Beautiful decoration in university colors, people in black gowns whizzing by and we could feel the overall excitement that was constantly hanging in the air on this sunny day. When we first arrived, Queenie wasn’t to be found anywhere and we didn’t quite know where to go in order not to be inappropriate or anything. After we were at least successful in locating the ladies’ washrooms, we caught this weird sound from somewhere in the distance. Ten minutes to go until the ceremony – ok let’s see where this is coming from. We soon recognized the melody of “Amazing Grace” and indulged in this wailing but incredibly beautiful tune by the SFU pipe band.

When we were finally seated in the auditorium squeezed in between proud families and friends, the ceremony started off with all the graduates marching in from the very front, headed by two bagpipe players. The line of people was seemingly endless and we realized that this was probably going to take forever. Irene and I were all wrapped up in our red blankets though, so no need to worry at this point. After several speeches by very important people from the university and the national anthem “O Canada”, the actual graduation took place. Due to the huge number of graduates in Communications and Technology (Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees), everyone just got their name read out loud, walked across the stage, shook a couple of hands and that was it. Quick and easy. In my opinion, the coolest part about the ceremony was the things people were wearing. I mentioned Harry Potter before, right? Yep, it was exactly like that! Colorful vestments and hats for deans, the chancellor and the principal, strange blue hats for the Doctoral graduates and of course, blue gowns and these typical grad hats for all the Master and Bachelor graduates! I would love to know what this tradition originally stems from – will blog about it another time.

Queenie was clearly one of the prettiest girls who graduated (I mean just look at the pic ;)) and we were honored to witness such a meaningful life event and share it with her. Congratulations once again, you rock!!

What was your graduation day at home like? Did you get to wear gowns and hats too? I’d love to know and see pictures if you have any! 🙂



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One thought on “INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts – Graduation Day at SFU Vancouver

  1. I am so thankful as well! PR team forever! And thanks to have the oportunity to see a real canadian experience such a graduation! It was awesome! ( it seem thanksgiving with all this thaks comments.. haha)

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