INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

-“I am going to take dinner”

– What? Do you want to say an afternoon snack?

– Not dinner, is already late.

– Late? It´s just 7 pm.

This is just one example of a real conversation between a Spanish and Non-Spanish people.

For Canadians, Europeans…and in general the rest of the world except my country it´s usually to have lunch around 12 or 1 pm and dinner around 6 pm! Oh my goodness!

Spain it´s absolutely different…we usually have lunch around 2 or 3pm and dinner not before 9pm…

Sometimes it´s funny because in Madrid, when you have lunch in a restaurant, you always stay longer speaking, taking a coffee… so the lunch can last around 3 hours and when you are finishing the lunch  it´s not strange  to see tourist already ordering dinner.

If I stop to think about that, it is much healthier to eat earlier, in that way you have time enough to burn everything before sleeping…but after 24 years having lunch at 3pm and dinner at 10…is quite difficult to change it! But I am trying!

And the worse of all is that here is not usually to take a nap after lunch… there is not a big pleasure to arrive tired home, eat a Spanish omelet and take a nap… Oh God!

It would be healthier to eat earlier and be active for more time…but the combination of a late lunch and nap it´s something everybody must try at least once at life!!

Right now I don´t know if I am hungry, or I need to sleep…or both of them… anyways..

Try the magic combination!



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