INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday- Inuits!

Canada is the home of people all over the world…but it´s also the home of the Inuits…

Who are the Inuit? They are a group of people who live in some of the coldest parts of the world, such as Greenland or the Arctic regions of America, Canada but they are original for Siberia, in the northeastern Asia.

In the case of the Canadian´s Inuits, they have an autonomous territory called Nunavut “our land” since 1999. That region had been their home for 4000 years and since 1996 the desire of their autonomy was increased and the final result was the foundation of Nunavut .

They have managed to survive and adapt to their cold environment. That has been possible because they have certain physical characteristics. For example their eyelashes are heavier than the normal ones to protect the eyes from glare shining on the ice and his body structure is “designed” to keep them warm being small and robust.

Nowadays their life has been modernized but the Inuit struggle to perpetuate their traditions as well. For example they can be use dogsled or snowmobiles to travel around and they can alternate raw meat and ready meals in their diet.

The main activity they developed for subsistence is hunting but as you can guess the low temperatures and other conditions make life really difficult for the hunters and their families. They still hunt on the ice and when they go hunting it can take more than one month away from home, so during this period is when they use the igloo. The mental image of living in igloos is not real, are only temporary shelters for hunting.

They are also popular for selling soapstone sculptures.

I find amazing that such an intercultural country as Canada, where immigrants from all the corners of the planets live in, it´s also the home of native people, such as the Inuit…

Definitely Canada has everything!



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