INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are 168 hours, 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds in one week? And what would you say, how many of these hours, minutes and seconds in this week did you actually spend on doing something you really enjoyed? I know, there’s always work or a job hunt or simply a lack of money in the way but at some point, we all have to actively make a decision for joy. It doesn’t just come to you like spam emails. Luckily enough, even if Vancouver has lately been showing itself from its very authentic side as far as weather goes, there were tons of opportunities to enjoy ourselves in the last 168 hours.

I guess I personally covered almost all the hours dedicated to ‘fun’ in Whistler last weekend and rather took it easy during the week for this reason. So last Saturday, a group of 16 INTERNeX-ers and friends headed north to the beautifully fall-like village of Whistler. We spent our time eating, shopping, hot-tubbing, drinking, partying, bungee jumping and just hanging out at the lodge. We, the PR-team, were glad everyone had such an awesome time and we all got back to Vancouver safe and sound but tired on Sunday night. Check out the full report on what we did in our INTERNeX blog.

After three days of work I was definitely ready for another PuB NiGHT, though – I’m telling you. The Cinema Public House on Granville St was the perfect location for a chill night with almost 20 people attending. We enjoyed wine, cocktail and beer specials before I called it a day comparatively early this time (not very typical of me, I know ;)). I’m sure the others stayed way longer and maybe even put on a fussball (=table soccer) tournament or something.

I hope you had enough fun too – whatever ‘enough’ means to you personally. And make sure this weekend is not a waste of time, okay? My tip for Sunday afternoon: Join us for a tour of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Museum at BC Place Stadium! Just show up at noon right in front of the entrance to Gate A and get discounted INTERNeX tickets for $10 instead of $15! 🙂

See you there,



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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
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