INTERNeX Canada: Stories from Toronto (1)

You think Vancouver is big? Try Toronto and you’ll know better. Often called Canada’s answer to the Big Apple, Ontario’s capital really is a huuuge city. When I first got there in late August this year, I was completely overwhelmed by how high the buildings were, how many people ran into me all the time, how awfully hot it was and how busy the streets were. Still, it felt just great.

After I had arrived at the hostel (and after about 13 hours of travelling), all I wanted to do is to check this place out right away. The taxi ride from the airport gave me a first impression but I knew I would only have three full days in Toronto, so why not take a quick shower and make use of this afternoon too. Of course, the city jungle captured me right away with its confusing transit system but somehow I managed to make my way to the waterfront where I then decided to take the ferry to the island. I have to admit, it was so weird waiting in line amidst families, couples and friends, which literally left me being the only person who didn’t have anyone to talk to. This tiny moment of loneliness was soon to be forgotten when the boat finally departed and slowly moved away from downtown. As we got closer to the island, the city’s skyline just blew me away. With an uncountable number of highrises and its two most prominent landmarks, the CN Tower and Rogers Centre right next to it, it was an amazing sight. A cool summer breeze in my hair and warming sun on my skin – this felt exactly like the freedom I had been looking for. For some reason I always tend to question my own decisions a lot (obviously even more so if they involve a relocation to another continent) but this was the moment when I realized that I had done the perfectly right thing.

My initial plan to go explore the beaches on the other side of the island was destroyed by a monster of a jet lag that kicked in with full force when I got off the ferry. With heavy legs, dark circles around the eyes and the urge to pass out on a bed, I dragged myself back to the hostel. Nevertheless, it was a great start to my 5-nights layover in Ontario. And by the way, Toronto is right on Lake Ontario, not the sea – it took me a while to accept the fact.

Stay tuned for some more of my Stories from Toronto. On the one and only INTERNeX blog of course.



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