INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

Today I am going to speak about one topic kind of private. When we were in Whistler a bunch of girls we spoke about that….and the topic is…

Canadian washrooms!

What is wrong with the Canadian washroom´s doors? I don´t know why but all the doors has a specie of gap!!!Of course through you can see the people outside…but if you can see the people outside is obvious that they can see you as well! It´s impossible to have a complete privacy inside!

But that´s not all, in Whistler, Julia one of our candidates told us that when she was in USA, a lot of “restrooms” didn´t have directly any door! Haha Yeah that´s much worse that a little opening!

In Spain and in the rest of the other places I´ve been, I have never seen that. Sometimes you have to knock the door to know if there is someone or not, that´s something you don´t need to do in Canada, you just see or not him/her!

But I would really want to know why? Are safer the doors with an opening? Are the Canadians worried about the wood?  Or are just North America people more exhibitionist than Europeans? 😉

Do you know why? Please let us know! 🙂



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