INTERNeX Canada: Pub Night announcement – Funny Wednesday at The Comedy Mix

If you want to laugh so hard your jaw hurts, come join us tomorrow night for a fabulous stand up comedy show at The Comedy Mix! It has been voted as Vancouver’s “Best Comedy Club” and I can tell you myself, this stuff is really funny! I was there 2 weekends ago and skeptical if I would understand the humour but in the end I laughed sooo much and had a great time. Each night, there are different comedians (usually 3) that perform their stand up shows and I don’t even know who’s gonna be there on Wednesday night. Surprise surprise!! 🙂 Also, you can get drinks and food (snacks) right there, what a bonus!

The tickets are only $10 on Wednesdays (up to $20 on the weekend), so you should definitely come – I know you will love it! In order to get decent seats for the whole group we have to be there 1 hour before the show starts, which means at 7:30pm. The location is in the basement of the Century Plaza Hotel on Burrard Street, so I would suggest we meet up in the hotel lobby at 7:15pm and head down there together as a group then.

This is the link to the event on facebook.

Everything in a nutshell:

When? Wednesday, Nov 7th, 7:15pm

Where? Century Plaza Hotel, 1015 Burrard Street – meet us in the hotel lobby!

How much? Tickets are $10

How long? The show takes about 1.5 to 2 hours

See you there! 🙂



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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