INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT review – The Comedy Mix

Last night was not the typical PuB NiGHT but a Funny Wednesday special at Vancouver’s best stand-up comedy club “The Comedy Mix”. Luckily enough, we came early and got 15 nice seats with a perfect view of the stage. The venue filled up quickly and just by the time the show actually started, there was hardly any seats left and our first beers were already gone too. 😉 I think it was like 6 comedians in total who performed that night; they were all super funny but sometimes talking way too fast, which gave us a hard time to follow their stories and to really get their punch lines. Still, most of it was hilarious and I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so much within 1.5 hours!

As the setup at the club was sort of anti-sociable (we were sitting in one loooong row of chairs, everyone facing the stage), we decided to head to another bar after the show was finished. Of course we did. 🙂 We ended up at Relish Gastropub & Bar on Nelson Street, a cool little bar with attractive Wednesday specials. That’s what we thought in the beginning at least. This special turned out to be the kind of beer I personally would never ever drink again even if I had to but $3 for a sleeve of beer in Vancouver (!) was too tempting to resist. Oh well, good or bad beer is of marginal importance when you’re with fun people though, so I am safe to say we had a good time nevertheless. 🙂

If you are interested to see some of our ‘newcomers’ from Sweden, Denmark and Germany, take a look at last night’s pics!!



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