INTERNeX Canada: Fun facts about Hockey

First of all: The game is called ‘hockey’ not ‘ice hockey’ my fellow European friends. Of course, it is obviously played on ice and the players wear ice skates but if you don’t want to be identified as a total newbie from a foreign country stop calling it ice hockey – just as a little recommendation for you. 😉

The sport was officially born in Canada in the 1700s when some British soldiers combined a bunch of different sports to adapt it to the snowy and icy outdoors conditions in Canada. Since then, proper rules have been developed and it has become the national sport of Canada today. Every true Canadian is obsessed with it and I know from my own experience that this craziness about hockey does not know age or gender.

When I spent my Easter vacation with a Canadian family last year, there happened to be an allegedly important Canucks game on Easter Sunday. So what did they do about it? Believe it nor not but everyone (Granddad, Nana, Mom, Dad, uncles, aunts and kids) got up from the dinner table, moved to the TV room, everyone grabbed a beer and watched the game together. After it was over, the family gathered at the dinner table again, discussed the game, had some dessert and that was it. Isn’t that funny? To me it seemed weird as I am not used to this kind of excitement for sports and it was particularly different to see a whole family being so passionate about it! I later found out that their entire village gets together once a year around Christmas at the family’s pond for the so-called “Wiener Cup”. It is a traditional hockey competition where family teams or teams of friends play against each other and the winning team gets this ugly and super random trophy (check out the picture, this is the original “Wiener Cup”!!). Actually I’ll be there and experience it myself this winter…Should be interesting, I’ll let you know how I did!

In order to get a hang of the rules and come up with a winning strategy, though, I guess I will have to watch many many real hockey games before…Let’s start today at Pacific Coliseum! GO GIANTS!!! 🙂



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