INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend? – Vancouver Giants Hockey Game

How are you doing this rainy Vancouver Monday? I’ll be honest, this weather and all the shenanigans from the weekend is making me feel kind of tired and worn out.

Though, this weekend was another story.

We celebrated a birthday Saturday night and when you put the words “INTERNex-ers” and “party” together, things tend to get a little crazy! Nevertheless, most of us recovered made it to the Vancouver Giants vs. Saskatoon Blades hockey game on Sunday afternoon.

Hockey is the epitome of Canadian culture so we were quite curious to see what the excitement is all about.  With the NHL lockout not ending any time soon, we attended a Western Hockey League (WHL) which is the major junior hockey league based in Western Canada and the Northwestern United States.

A total of 31 INTERNeX-ers came to cheer on the Giants! While the home team scored 2 goals in the first period, they fell short and lost 5-2 to the Blades. The outcome is not that important because you can tell the players worked really hard and gave their best. There is so much action in hockey: hits, shots on goals and fights were fought. It’s hard to put aside your emotions when you get really into the game.

Other than the hockey game itself, we were entertained by the cheerleaders, prizes constantly being given out and inflatable thunder sticks for us to make noise. What I found really fun was the “wave” which is when everyone raises their arms to create a wave like crest that slowly goes across the different sections of the arena.

Hockey is a very fast and intense game, but definitely a sport that is very entertaining to watch and be a part of!

Let’s hang out again this Wednesday at the Pub Night and at Laser Tag on Sunday, shall we?



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