INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT announcement – The Morrissey Pub

Yay we almost made it to yet another Wednesday, isn’t this something to always look forward to? 🙂 For me it definitely is. After taking a miss last week, I am actually super excited for our PuB NiGHT tomorrow!! For my ‘comeback’  it had to be a special place of course, so we picked The Morrissey Pub on Granville Street! It seems to be a chill pub in a central location and reviews praised its “rustic but classy decor, comfortable seating, tasty food, daily beer specials and good service” – that sounds exactly what we are looking for, right? Plus it’s a place most of us haven’t been to so far and we always want to find new locations for you guys to get to know the city a bit better.

So come out and join us for a fun night with your friends or if you just got here the people that will probably be your friends soon! 😉 This is the link to the event page on facebook and here are all the details:

When? Wednesday, Nov 21st  8pm

Where? The Morrissey Pub, 1227 Granville Street

Food&drink specials? Hippie Chick Veggie Burger + beer for $10 (yummy!!), daily beer specials

If you were considering staying at home this Wednesday, DON’T DO IT! 😀 We would love everyone to come and enjoy another awesome night out with all of you – especially the “newcomers” too! A city or a place is only as great as the people you spend your time with are. And this is a fact my friends, not just another piece of (admittedly very smart) advice from me! 😉

See you tomorrow!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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