INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

I’ve been here for a while so writing Culture Shock post is getting harder for me because I am getting used to all the differences with the Canadians. There is some point that of course is different from home, but you just feel like in a new home, everything that in the beginning caught your attention, now is part of your normal life, and even you live more like the Canadian way…

But anyways, I don’t know what you think about it, but for me Vancouver is a super young city! There are students everywhere who are barely 19, 20… sometimes I am the oldest one (and yes I am not 19, but I am not that old haha) and it’s like where are the thirties?

In Madrid when you go out by night, you can find people between 18-40 years old! There are zones with pubs where the youngest go, and other places for those who are a little older… but still you can see people not that young!

I was so worry about the life after the twenties here that I asked our Chinese-Canadian friend Queenie what the thirties usually do.  She was thinking for a moment and then her answer was: Oh, they have babies.

Babies? Oh my goodness! In the Canadian society I would have to hurry up!  (but I don’t have maternal instinct at all so I can relax)

Right now in Spain, the people finish their studies around 23-25 depending of what you have studied and if you do or not a master, then you try to find a job (right now it can take ages) and when you have saved some money that’s the moment that maybe you move to your parent’s house and start your life for your own.

For what I’ve seen of people who come from Sweden, Denmark and other parts of Europe people start working part time in the High School. Us? Part time during the University is ok, during High School? For the general not at all, at least that you have a familiar retail or something like that. But I repeat each person is different I am just speaking in a general way.

I am not saying that one system is better that the other one, is just curious how different we live!

I guess Spanish people we have a young spirit and we do in our thirties the things that some many other citizens do in their twenties!



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