INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend? Goodbye Party!

I know, it’s Tuesday and the weekend is long gone, but it was definitely a memorable one! This weekend we said goodbye to Mati and Marianne by having a Pub and Club night at The Pint. The best way to say goodbye is to party it up with your best friends around right?

Somehow, The Pint has become the place to be for these goodbye parties.  It’s the perfect place because it’s so casual where you can have some beers and food but it turns into one big party later on at night on the dance floor!

There was a big crowd that came, about 30 -40 people, but I lost track because people seem to keep coming as the night went on. We were sat at a long table, but had to keep finding chairs just to fit everyone in!

The music started pumping so of course, the chairs didn’t matter anymore and we all went on the dance floor for some much needed “letting loose”!

It just shows how, even though these girls were only here for such a short period of time, they have made such an impact on so many people’s lives.

This is what’s great about doing an internship abroad because you get to meet tons of people, people that you’ll never meet in any other circumstance.

There are more photos here on Flickr or on our Facebook page and they are a better indication of how much fun it was than I can explain in words!

If you haven’t had the chance, read Marianne’s Goodbye Blog as she is off in Panorama ski resort for the winter season. Irene and I are so jealous that she gets to ski and snowboard the whole winter and the office is definitely not the same without her!



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