INTERNeX Canada: How was your Weekend? Paintball for Charity!

It’s getting cold in Vancouver! So what do I do to check the weather on Sunday? No, not the logical way of going to the weather channel or looking outside, but on Facebook of course!

From the few statuses that popped up, my friends who live near me said it was snowing. I live on somewhat of a hill so sometimes it snows where I am, but not in other areas of Vancouver. Indeed Facebook was right and it was snowing. Mind you, it was only wet snow, but that’s a good start!

Despite the wet and dreary weather, 7 of us made it to North Shore Paintball to battle it out!  This was no ordinary paintball game. We raised $100 to go towards Children’s Hunger Fund to help children who are in need. Thank you to those who came out for this event!

The stage at for paintball seriously looked like a zombie apocalypse had taken over. There were hills, car tires, bushes and tree house-like fortresses for you to hide in. Astrid commented that it was like playing Counter Strike so just imagine that, but in real life!

Other than the INTERNeX crew, there were other groups of teenage boys playing with and against us. Definitely don’t underestimate the little ones because they know what they are doing. We were split into two teams and played a series of 15-minute games such as straight elimination or capture-the-flag where one team is defending their bomb and the other is trying to find it.

To win, you definitely have to get down and dirty. It was raining and everything was covered in mud, but after a while you just don’t care whether your shoes are now soaked.

I’ll admit that this wouldn’t have been my idea of fun on a rainy Sunday, but sometimes you just got to try new things and do things even if you don’t want to. It was like being a kid again and I really, really had a great time!

Looking forward to the next weekend already! Who is excited to come to Seattle



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