About INTERNeX: Banff, Alberta

Many of you have started your winter season and some of you are lucky enough to spend the next few months in Banff!

Where and what is Banff, exactly? Banff was discovered in the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) was being built through Bow Valley.  It was named “Banff” in 1884 by George Stephen, the president of CPR, as Banffshire, Scottland was his birthplace. By 1885, it became Canada’s first National Park and was already promoted as an international resort to support the new railway.

While there are only 8,000 residents, Banff is one of the most visited tourist destination in North America with more than 4 million visitors every single year. Banff is also the highest town in Canada at 4,537 feet with the national park covering 6,641 square kilometres. Pretty impressive, right?

If you love nature and being outdoors then you’ve come to the right place. With over 1,600 kilometres of hiking trails, this is a must do activity while you are there. To warm up, try swimming in the Banff Hotsprings. Sitting in 39 degrees water in -10 degrees weather doesn’t sound too bad!

For all you ski and snowboard junkies, Banff is right next to three ski resorts: Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay and Lake Louise. You are as close as 15 minutes to some of the best slopes in the world so what more can you ask for? This gives you the chance to go before or after your shifts at work!

Banff is a little town with the best of everything. It’s small enough so you won’t ever feel lost in the crowd, but there will always be tons of people to meet and share your experiences. With a town full of young people, Banff has a great program for young adults who are travelling and working in town. Check out BanffLife and the amazing activites that they plan! Plus, there is an awesome nightlife with many clubs and pubs to choose from.

Have fun this winter and if you are still not convinced about Banff or are considering living here next winter, check out this video below!



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