INTERNeX Canada: Review of the year: October, November, December

Time to sum up the last three months of the year!


The PR meet enjoyed an awesome ride around Vancouver! Thank you Big Bus!That was awesome to go to the main attractions of this awesome city!For the most of us we had our first Canadian Thanksgiving with our INTERNeX family!Queenie  had her graduation day and Marianne and myself we were so lucky to have the possibility to see a real graduation!!! It seemed to be a film!And continue with an inspirational history! You should check it out! Mario fighting for kids! Such a good example for all of us!
We also had in October the craziest weekend ever in Whistler!No more words needed. And after so much party…we had some sport and culture in our visit to BC Sport Hall of Fame! And some fresh air visiting the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park! But of course we finished the month with a huge party haha Halloween!!!!


We started November visiting Steveston, mm fish and chips and good company!November was the months of the poppies and mustaches!Have you heard about remembrance day and Movember? Apart of our regular pub night we went to change a little bit and go to the Comedy Mix!But probably the most important event was the awesome trip to the Rockies!!But that’s not all! We also went to see The Giants playing hockey.We love the good traditions so we had a huge pub and club night the last weekend of November!


Our great Marianne left us to start her own winter season in Panorama!!!We had a different pub night in the lovely Christmas Market!! In this time of the year specially, it’s good to worry a little bit about the other!so we had our paintball for charity! We gave away the money to a local NGO!Great!But we also crossed the border and went to Seattle!!Last but not least, we enjoyed a real Christmas dinner in the super nice Boathouse in English Bay!

And now the only thing more that I want to say is:




INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

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