INTERNeX Canada: Hockey is BACK!

You may have heard some exciting news over the weekend: the NHL is back on! I don’t think I can contain my excitement much longer. As you probably know, hockey is huge here in Canada so expect all the bars and pubs to be filled during game nights!

Some of you might have had your first taste of hockey when you went to the Vancouver Giants game with us a few weeks ago, but let me tell you, it is in comparison to the NHL.

What happened was that the owners (NHL) and the players (NHLPA) have finally agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement which is a basic labour-management contract between the two sides. As frustrating as it was with four long months of no hockey, the lockout is finally over.

Training camps are expected to start next week and the official start date for the 2012- 2013 season is set on January 19th. Only short 10 days away!

During a regular season, there are usually 82 games, but since we lost so much time, there will only be a 48-game schedule. This means that all the teams will have to be in playoff mode already and all the games will be super intense!

If you are new to hockey, TSN has done a great preview of all 30 teams coming into this new season. They have listed all the changes and everything else that you need to know to make you look like a hockey pro.

So get your Canucks gear ready, because if you are living in Vancouver who else are you supposed to cheer for? It’s going to make those rainy days that much better.



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