INTERNeX Explorer: Granville Island – Part 2

Last week we learnt a little bit about the history of Granville Island, but let’s be a little more practical and explore what you can actually do there if you visit today.

Granville Island is a must visit place if you are in Vancouver. It usually the place to be when it’s hot and summer, but I don’t see why we can’t go now! Let me tell you a list of reasons why…

  • Granville Island Brewery Tour – We got this first “to do” planned for you. Join us this Saturday February 2nd to tour British Columbia’s first “cottage” brewery and learn how the famous Canadian beer that you drink at every pub night is made. How can you say no to beer?
  • Public Market – Everything happens here. You will find the freshest fruits, breads, meat and seafood from our local farmers. A wide assortment of crafts to bring home as gifts. Or street performers who are always here to entertain you.
  • Eat, eat and eat! – Granville Island is famous for its food; you can find everything from waterfront cafes, gourmet restaurants or a small snack from the market. I love every kind of seafood out there and this is definitely one of the best places for that.
  • Ride a boat – My friends and I did this back in September and when you split the costs, it’s not so expensive. It’s the perfect way to see the beauty of False Creek and North Vancouver. You can also go kayaking or paddle boarding.
  • Events & Festivals – There is always something going on, make sure you keep yourself updated with their events schedule. Chinese New Year is coming up and you don’t want to miss the annual Lions Dance!
  • Arts and Crafts – It’s a haven for you art lovers. You will find local handmade jewelry, photography, pottery, stained glass, soaps, decorations and much more.

Basically, Granville Island is a great way to get out of the city when you need a break. Here’s a hint for the gentlemen: it’s the perfect place for a date! Sigh, if only I had a date…



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