INTERNeX Explorer: Cypress Mountain

Since we are going up to Cypress this Saturday for a day of skiing and snowboarding, I thought it would be very interesting to get to know a little bit about the resort! Here is a bit of background history of the Cypress Mountain Ski area, so let’s take a small tour of the biggest moments of this resort shall we?

This story begins way back in the 1800’s, sounds so ancient doesn’t it? During this time, in the late 1800’s, the resort was just a big mountain named Vaughen with lot’s of trees.  After the mountain was logged and paths were created, in 1912, it was renamed as  “Hollyburn Mountain” by a Botanist John Davidson. Then fast forwarding to the year 1932, Roland D. Brewis, West Vancouver resident, built a ski camp on the shores of West Lake.  The camp was then sold to the Burfield family, who renamed it Hollyburn Ski Lodge. Then in 1963, a tragic accident of the Canadian Forces T-33 training jet that crashed into Mt. Strachan left a mark at Cypress. The plane wreckage remained there along with a plaque in memory of the two men who perished in crash. Finally in 1984,  Burfield sold the lodge to Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd which later became know as  the first ski resort in BC to allow snowboarding! In the year 2002, Cypress was chosen as the host for 2010 Winter Olympic Games as well as the Official Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard venue for the Olympic. During 2008, they opened Cypress Creek Lodge which included restaurants and ski stores. And of course, in 2010, the Official Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Venue of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games was held at Cypress Mountain!

Here are some other interesting facts about Cypress:

  • only 30 minute drive from Downtown, Vancouver
  • named after the bowl between the three mountains, Mt. Strachan, Black Mountain, and Hollyburn Mountain, which is known as “Cypress Bowl”
  • the word “Cypress” comes from Yellow Cedar tree

For more historical moments of the Cypress Mountain, check it out here on their website! And since you know a little bit more about this ski area, why not come see it for yourself? This Saturday we will be going skiing/snowboarding at Cypress, so join us on our Facebook event page! See you all there 🙂



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