INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

For those of us who went to Cypress last Saturday, we had a fantastic time skiing down the snowy slopes!  It was quite foggy in the morning and early afternoon so I couldn’t see where I was going (which really made it difficult)  but the first run I went on was green so it wasn’t that bad. And when I was first going up, I was dreading the fall after the lift chair but I actually didn’t (which really surprised me). As I was going down, I kept slowing down some of the people so I felt really bad but it was still so much fun. After couple of hours, everyone met up at the Cypress Creek Lodge cafeteria for lunch and we took a really nice break. As we were eating and chatting, everyone agreed to go up to the Peak together. I was so scared because I actually haven’t been up there wasn’t sure if I’d make it down alive! But they convinced me by telling me that there would be a really nice view to take photos.  When we got up to the Peak, it was still foggy so unfortunately I couldn’t see the amazing view they were talking about… but I did get awesome photos and the snow there was much better than the lower parts of the mountain! I also loved how we would wait for each other during certain points so that no one would get left behind or getting lost.

Speaking of getting lost, Ilse and I somehow managed to do just this. We went down a different path and ended up almost going off a seriously steep hill (even some of the pro skiers who were standing beside us were contemplating on whether or not they should go down this way). After much consideration, Ilse and I both decided it was best to hike back up and go down the other way (which we should have taken). Even though it was such a pain to hike back up in our ski/board gear, Ilse and I were laughing so much. We really found this whole situation hilarious and after much struggle, we made it back down without a problem. The others were waiting at the bottom all worried, oops!

We all decided to take another big break after that incident, and Ilse and I stayed behind at the lodge while the others went back for another round for night skiing. It was great bonding time, I thought. Then we all gathered around at the front of the lodge to watch the fireworks (it was short but sweet)! And to end this awesome day, we went to the look out to see the beautiful glowing city lights 🙂 it was perfect!

What did you do this past weekend?



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