INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Another Monday, another week. But this past weekend was awesome because yesterday, we went down to Chinatown and watched the Chinese New Year parade!

I can’t describe to you how cold, squished, and hungry I was while standing to watch the parade. But it was still a lot of fun being out there with hundreds of people! We saw people dressed up in traditional Chinese clothing, people with masks, dressed up as dragons, snakes, and tons more! We all found it really funny how there was so much corporate advertisement in the parade! For example, both CTV and CBC were involved with the parade and were giving out red envelopes with candy inside it… but the envelopes had their logos!

After we watched the entire parade, we made our way up to the Classical Chinese Garden and walked around. But the most difficult part of the day was trying to find a good Chinese restaurant which wasn’t insanely busy (definitely wasn’t going to happen). Which is why we made out way out of Chinatown and after much searching, we finally found a decent place for a late lunch! 

For many of us, including myself, the parade was a new experience! Personally, I thought it was so awesome how, not only Asians, but people from every ethnic background were involved in the Chinese New Year parade as well as there to watch it. It’s always a good thing to be able to open up to new cultures and experiences…and Canada is a perfect place for that!

After our lunch, we all decided to go to the Vancouver Public Library for a little sightseeing (since it was way too cold to be outside). And then to end the day, we went to Blenz for some hot drinks and to chat. For more pictures from our trip to the Chinese New Year parade, check it out at our Flicker page here!

What fun stuff did you do last weekend?



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