INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

Picture time -smile!

Last night we gathered at the Library Square Public House for another round of drinks! It was really nice catching up again after a crazy fun night last Friday at the Pint. We talked about the upcoming trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains! If you are interested, message us or come by the office! Our discussion during the night included so many topics like birthday traditions from different countries to our boring and quiet lives before INTERNeX pub nights and events!

And after feeling ashamed that I ordered tea and water during the previous pub nights, I decided to redeem myself by ordering one of the contemporary cocktails which were on special for just $6.50. I have to say, it was the most watered down, bitter, and strange tasting cocktail I have ever had. I truly regret ordering this drink. Some of the others ordered different cocktails, but they all seemed to agree that it was horrible. After adding some things to make the drink sweeter, it tasted a lot better than the first sip. Lesson learned: stay true to your self…and stick to what you like.


Cuba Blue

Just in case you might make the same mistake, here is a photo:

As for the place itself,  I thought it was cozy with the small tea lights on our tables. Also, we were seated at the back of the pub which made it more private. The music was really great, especially The Look by Metronomy! I think it’s my favorite song for this week!

For those of you who missed our pub night, you better have a good excuse 😉 but that’s okay you can make up for it when we visit the Vancouver Aquarium this Saturday. Check our Facebook event for more information!

Happy Thursday!



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