INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

Yesterday, we went to Steamworks for our weekly pub night! It was great because so many people came out (especially some who never have before). I guess they finally decided to join the dark side. But I’m sure it was also because of the Rockies trip! We were all so excited that we couldn’t stop talking about it. We discussed what to pack, what to bring, and how much were are going to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.

Life is so much better when you go out to drink during the week, isn’t it? Just wait until the Summer finally starts rolling in…with hot weather and gorgeous sunsets in Vancouver, you’ll be dying to come out to our pub nights every day! 

Actually, there is another reason why I love our weekly pub nights. You get to know everyone a lot better at these events. The more time you share with that person, the more you’ll know about them.  These nights are for  personal stories, laughing together at funny jokes, and sharing great memories. It’s always a good time at INTERNeX pub nights and I also get learn so much about every one.  Who doesn’t want to be around these bunch of lovely people?

Thank you all for coming 😉



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149



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