INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday. Champions League time!

Hey everybody,

This week was a short one. On Monday we where free because of Victoria Day, so the weekend is almost here! This Saterday (May 25th) the Champions League Final will take place!
This year we have a 9 hour time difference with Europe. So, at lunchtime we will watch the final together!

I want to share my thoughts about this match on this casual Friday.
Quite fun that it will be a German final. Back in December I was in the Amsterdam ArenA supporting my team AFC Ajax Amsterdam. The opponent was Borrussia Dortmund. We had some good hope that we could beat them. (we just beat Manchester City with 3-1 and 2-2 away). Not knowing that ‘they’ will be one of the Champions League finalist a few months later. By the way, they beat Ajax with 1-4 … enough about Dortmund.

The other team is Bayern München. This team had some bad luck the last couple of years. First they lost the Champions League Final in 2010 against Inter Milan. Last year they lost it from Chelsea (unfair), when they were playing at home.

So Bayern wants some revenge, and Dortmund want to beat their biggest rival.
I think it will be a great match with some awesome soccer! Especially from the actions of Arjen Robben, the best player of Bayern München of course 😉

So if you want, you can join us tomorrow morning at The Blarney Stone.  (see our Facebook event for more info) I’m really looking forward for this match because I’m a big soccer fan!

Have a good weekend,


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