INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts

Today, fun facts about the best beaches in Vancouver!

In Vancouver, we have very few sunny days. So, when the weather is nice, it is almost compulsory to hang out outside. Going to the beach is probably the best option in summer. So, here you have a round-up of the funniest things to do on Vancouver’s different beaches!

English Bay: All the info you need in our INTERNeX Explorer video.

The perfect thing to take: a huge iced coffe.

Where: MAP

Second Beach: All the info you need in our INTERNeX Explorer video.

The perfect item: a funny float(from Dollarama) for the Second Beach Pool.

Where: MAP

Kitsilano Beach: The most glamorous of Vancouver’s beaches. It’s like Venice Beach in LA, everybody go there to watch and be watched. It’s very good for swimming (the water is very tranquil) and you can also go to the Kits Pool.

The perfect item: A cool swimsuit.

Where: MAP

Spanish Banks: Pretty far away from the city, this is the perfect beach if you are looking for tranquility and silence. It is perfect for barbecues and long walks, too.

The perfect item: Your other half…It’s a romantic spot.

Where: MAP

Jericho Beach:  Located on the north of Jericho Park, this beautiful beach is ideal for play tennis (there is a tennis court), for riding your bike and for walks at sunset. here are also picnic tables and playing fields. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is held here.

The perfect item: The perfect thing to take: An Aztec-print T-shirt and a big beard, for the Folk Music Festival.

Where: MAP

Wreck Beach: Located in UBC, clothing is optional here. For many people, it is one of the best nudist beaches in the world..  It is full of students and has a strong hippy vibe. Just behind the beach is the rainforest, which is very beautiful to see. I strongly recommend going to this beach at sunset; everybody celebrates the sunset by shouting, dancing and doing strange Yoga-type dances.

The perfect thing to take: An open mind. There are a lot of naked people… Not for the faint-hearted!

Where: MAP

Please be careful when you are out in the sun!


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