INTERNeX Canada: HiGHLiGHTS of the week!

Welcome to the HiGHLiGHTS episode 9!

This week we’ve made a review of the Khatsahlano festival in Kitsiliano. We spent a wonderful evening; the festival really was a success…a lot of concerts, shops, along the 4th avenue, during 10 blocks! We were so tired that Mercedes and Clara had to stop to take a break in the middle of the street. Lena took a picture for the picture of the week. Thanks a lot! 

And like every Wednesday, we choose the best pubs in Vancouver to hang out together and take a break in the middle of the week. This time we went to Malone’s in Pender, in Pender with Seymour Street, in Downtown. The place is pretty cool and the prices are ok.

And this week we made a special INTERNeX Explorer. We went to our partner’s from West Trek to ask them questions about the big Rocky Mountain trip in August. West Trek are the Rockies experts of Canada! We asked them with how many students they go each year, what the most special thing is in the Rocky Mountains and what the party bus is…

About the upcoming events, this weekend, we have a very cool plan for you. We will go to Deep Cove! It’s a beautiful area in the district of North Vancouver. It’s a very beautiful place to visit, we can go to the town, the bay, and after go to the mountains to hiking inside the rainforest. It isn’t pretty hard and you can enjoy an amazing view on the top and we can have a lunch there.

We hope you enjoy the following video and please, don’t forget to share, like and comment!



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