INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts – My top 3 in Vancouver!

So my last weekend in Canada has finally arrived.. Therefore I want to write and share my top 3 things to do in Vancouver!!

#1 – Rent/Ride a bike!
Really the coolest way to see this amazing city is by bike. The last 14 weeks I rode over 1000km through the city of Vancouver! The best way to rent bikes is around Stanley Park (Denman/Robson St.) There are lot’s of renting facilities around this street. Normal prices are between 30-40 dollar for one whole day and 20-30 for half a day. Below you can find some companies that I recommend:

The best thing to do is make a tour in and around Stanley Park. You can take the easy seawall to make a round (12km). If you have more time bike the Lion’s Gate Bridge as well!

Last Friday, my very last day riding my bike to the office, I discovered a flat tire! How peculiar? 😉

#2 – Go by ferry to Granville Island MAP
This spot is one of my favorites! The island is easy-going with lot’s of special food and other things to buy. They have an enormous market with more local products then you can imagine! The best way to get there is with the False Creek Ferries! These small boats are sailing all over False Creek. The oneway fee is between $3-5 dollar.. But for this price you get a great view of the harbor, boats and the Yaletown skyline!

#3 – Visit Gastown and all his pubs!
A awesome place for me during my stay in Canada! Because the office is in the middle of Gastown, it was not that hard for me to discover this place.. I was really surprised by the Irish and British culture influence in this area. Most of the pubs and bars are built in this style. Maybe that’s the reason that I like this place so much!

The places I like and recommend in Gastown are: LampLighter Public House, The Black Frog, The Blarney Stone & The Steamclock.

So that’s it. Hope you like my small list. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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