INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week Ep12

This week’s episode of Highlights Of The Week is going to be about a couple of smaller things, which are still exciting and not to be overlooked, even though they are more part of the daily life in Vancouver.

Me not being in town for that long yet, I found it very noticeable on how many of the bigger houses in town the people seem to have designed little parks. They planted big trees on their houses, right there. I found that very peculiar, but it also makes me realize how ‘green’ a city Vancouver is and to what great length its inhabitants are willing to be creative that it is and stays this way. So this is a little daily highlight for me, because I can see many of these ‘parks’ on my way to the office each morning.

Another thing which I found absolutely adorable and which would come in very handy as a souvenir are these Red Vancouver Mittens. For $10 each, about $4 go to the Canadian Olympic foundation and therefore support the Canadian athletes during the next Olympic games in 2014. For me, this would be a souvenir highlight, which you can actually use in your daily life. Because winter will come as sure as the sun will set down tonight.

Concerning the more active highlights this week, I shall not forget to mention our very successful PuB NiGHT on Wednesday. We went to The Warehouse downtown which was especially great for our candidates under 19. The Warehouse is primarily a restaurant and therefore you can enjoy some time there, even if you are under age. We will try to do that once in a while now, to not leave you guys behind, so to speak. Upcoming events and things to do are the first Vancouver Color Run today, where you can celebrate life and happiness while watching how others stay in shape. And of course last but not least, the Giants hockey game we will go to on Sunday. Meeting point is Waterfront Station at 12.10 pm, so don’t forget. Go Giants!!!

So I hope you will enjoy the weekend and I will see you guys at the next PuB NiGHT, right?



INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

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