INTERNeX Canada: Smart Save Vancouver

Well, bad weather is back, and this a good new! Why? Because we don’t have to take care of our figure anymore! Throw your bikini out the window and let’s go to celebrate with a list of places where you can eat for $7 or less. Sounds impossible? Continue reading!


The Cambie

We already went many times to this place, located in Cambie Street. Perfect for students, big tables to hang out with all your friends, good music, the food is really good… and the pitchers over there are one of the cheapest that you can find in Downtown. In fact, the last time we went there, I found the following notice at the door:

I asked the gatekeeper if this was a joke. He looked at me with a very serious expression and he told me: “Of course not, girl, is The Law”. Ok, no more questions for the gatekeeper.

But today is not about beer (we already have too many posts about beer, I guess) is about food! You can eat until 6 PM!

The Metropole

We have our pub night today in this place! Today is hockey night, and they have a very good food deal: $ 6’49 Burger & Beer! Not bad! We will tell you more about this place tomorrow.


The Warehouse in Hastings

Annika’s quesadillas

Everything on the menu is $4.95! We went there in our last pub night and I have to say that the food is delicious. You have a lot of options to choose: quinoa wraps, burgers, chicken wings, poutine… and the decoration is… curious.

Mysterious Lamp

What about this lamp? Isn’t it very funny?

Take care!



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