INTERNeX Canada: Vancouver Fashion Week Review

Hello­ there!

Last Friday, we (the INTERNeX PR-Team) were very excited…WHY? Because we were invited to attend a very special event – the Vancouver Fashion Week! The Vancouver Fashion week (Sept 16th to 21st) was about Spring & Summer 2014 and took place at the Chinese Cultural Centre at 50 East Pender Street, very close to the INTERNeX office.

In general, what is the Vancouver Fashion Week about?

The VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and every year the event is attended by over 20,000 guests! It’s a diverse and innovative fashion experience that features both emerging and established designers, e.g. international award-winning designers from very popular fashion capitals.

I was really curious to go to the Fashion Week, because I never saw a fashion show before. So I had no expectations. What about you? What are your expectations, if you would go to a fashion week?

So now I will tell you something about the impressions we got during the show.
At first I have to say that I was wondering how small the showroom and the catwalk actually were, because on TV a fashion week usually looks way bigger. Anyway, the show started and everyone was flabbergasted! Of course many of the guests took pictures from the models – they were very pretty, but in my opinion there were too many skinny models.

But the clothes they worn were kind of pretty! Of course, many of them were very spacy and not suitable for your everyday life, but otherwise some of them were very cool!

Well, probably I’m not a fashion person, but as far as I am able to judge I would say it was very interesting to see a Fashion Week and how the models walked down the catwalk – you know what I mean?! 😉

Take care,

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

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