Review of the Year: July, August, September


July 1st, and it was the 146th Anniversary of this amazing land. If you didn’ t know, this national day it´s a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1st, 1867 (Constitution Act, 1867, which confederated the country of Canada). You can find celebrations everywhere across the country for Canada Day, usually outdoor events, such as barbecues, parades, fireworks, free concerts, carnivals and different kind of shows.

Friday the 19th was the last day we were working in the old office. It was time to say goodbye and move to a better and nicer one. On Monday 22nd, we were moving to a new location, a better location. Our new office is very close to the old one. It’s at Tinseltown- International Village Mall (a ten minute walk from our former location). A bigger and nicer location with all the amenities of the mall including a food court, cell companies, coffee shops, clothing stores, discount stores, pharmacies, cinemas, convenience stores and much more all next to the Stadium Skytrain station and literally steps from the middle of Downtown and Gastown.


August started off with one of the best trips this year had to offer. Summer, sun, and one of the most beautiful landscapes of the planet. You know what I am talking about: The Rockies!

Valemount, Mt. Robson (this HUGE mountain is with 3954 meter the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies), Jasper, the Icefield Parkway, Athabasca Falls, Columbia Icefields, Peyto and Bow Lake, Banff, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. These two lakes are absolutely stunning and one of the highlights of this weekend! The blue color, the snowy mountains and the endless trees makes these lakes one of the best in the world. We had an awesome, amazing, funny, crazy and really great weekend with everybody!

And as August comes to an end, we had to say good bye to Jelle. His 15-week internship at INTERNeX is now over. After his holidays in the USA he started his third year at Tio University. No more weekly pub nights and big trips. Instead of that he continued his international tourism education.

One of the local highlights this summer was the Stanley Park 125th Anniversary. So many activities were organized in the park! Fortunately, the weather was amazing and we could enjoy the beautiful park more than ever. The first thing that we saw was the Vintage Car Display just next to Lost Lagoon. Then we visited the Rose Garden, where we could see a group of children making a Shakespeare show. A music festival was organized in Second Beach, so we went there to have fun.


Summer ends and fall starts off with a public holiday. 🙂 We were celebrating the Labor Day, an annual holiday celebrated along the globe to celebrate the achievements of workers. This excellent day has its origins in the labor union movement. (Specially the “eight-hour day” movement, which defended  eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest) For many countries, Labor Day is linked with the International Workers´ Day (May 1st). For some other countries, Labor Day is celebrated on a different date than May 1st; often one with special significance for the labor movement in that country. In Canada, this day is the first Monday of September and is considered the official end of the summer holiday for most of the country, as public school and university students return to school that week or the following week.

And right after the long weekend, our new PR intern Annika started her internship with us. For the last year, she participated in the master’s program ‘North American Studies’ in Bonn, which is located in the Rhineland and part of Germany. So being an intern in one of the supposedly most beautiful cities in North America was exactly spot on for her. And already a few weeks later, we welcomed Tobias into our team. He was a student from the South of Germany, doing a dual education course.

On the cultural side, the PR team had the chance to experience something new this September. WHY? Because we were invited to attend two very special events. The first one was – the Vancouver Fashion Week! The Vancouver Fashion week (Sept 16th to 21st) was about Spring & Summer 2014 and took place at the Chinese Cultural Centre at 50 East Pender Street, very close to the INTERNeX office. The VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and every year the event is attended by over 20,000 guests! It’s a diverse and innovative fashion experience that features both emerging and established designers, e.g. international award-winning designers from very popular fashion capitals.

Apart from that, we went to an event organized by the Greeting Fluency initiative. This is a project, thought of and supported by the former mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan. Due to Vancouver being such an intercultural city, the project aims at helping people to overcome difficulties in communication with their neighbors. Many people might be shy approaching someone from a foreign culture, because they simply do not know how to do so. And the other way around, someone new to Canada might feel a bit more welcome, if neighbors would be able to greet him or her in the native language. Making them feel a bit more at home. Besides getting  an idea about the project itself, which is a very interesting approach at how to support integration into Canadian society, we also had the chance to listen to a few very interesting short speeches. It was an imaginary journey through Germany, Asia, Egypt and several Arabian countries. The guest speakers offered everything from fun anecdotes over musical performances to actual small delicious snacks. All of us were able to actually get a feeling for the culture we were introduced to. The most practical aspect of this event was the introduction of an app for smart phones, downloadable for free, which offers users the most useful phrases, like for example hello, thank you, and good bye, in a vast amount of different languages. Including a sound sample and a phonetic description for better understanding (the name of this app is ‘Greeting Fluency’). Absolutely practical if you wanted to greet somebody in their native language. Besides, it’s fun to look up different phrases and to try them out aloud. The PR team and INTERNeX thought this was a really nice project worth supporting!

As fall proceeded, we finished the third quarter of this year with one of our monthly trips. This time we went to Victoria. And it was quite the adventure. It was a trip with many special moments and experiences. Everything was fine, but then something unexpected happened….And the trip turned into a little (but funny) mess. However, what would be some time abroad, if we would not experience a small adventure from time to time, right? So this was a good way to start into the fourth and last quarter of our INTERNeX year.





INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

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