The Amazing Rockies Trip

To get you even more in the mood for the Rockies Trip in April, we have a short movie about the Rockies and what to except. Over the years we interviewed many candidates about their stay in Canada and only good things were said about the rockies, read it yourself.

I really enjoyed the Rocky Mountains. The landscape there is breath taking and I can only recommend joining the next trip to the Rockies.  While writing about it great pictures of turquoise lakes and huge mountains with snow covered peaks come to my mind.  You guys should really not miss the next Rockies Trip! – Jasmin, Germany

There are so many things I will remember.  My whole time in Canada was amazing. But in my opinion, the Rockies trip was the most impressive thing! And of course, I won’t forget all the nice people from Canada and all over the world I met in these three months! – Laura, Germany

With Easter I went to the Rockies with INTERNeX. It was an amazing trip, one of the must do’s in Canada! – Ilse, Netherlands

I’ll always remember our hilarious pub nights, trips on the weekends, the beautiful and fun Rockies trip – Flora,

Most memorable are, of course, our amazing trips to Whistler and the Rockies. Literally every time I left the city, I got reminded of how big and beautiful this country really is – ah there is sooo much more to Canada than just one place – Marianne, Germany

 I went to the Rockies and it was simply awesome – Sebastian, Germany

Although I enjoy many parts of this internship, my favorite part was definitely the Rockies trip. I enjoyed spending time with all of my fellow PR interns as well as all of you that joined us on the trip. I got so close to all of you. It was a great final trip to a great internship. – Katie, USA

With INTERNeX I went to the Rockies, which was a very memorable trip! We had so much fun and I got to know a lot of nice people. I especially enjoyed the campfire we had, the Banff gondola and the Columbia Icefields! The nature is just stunning. – Melanie, Germany

The Rockies trip was definitely a memorable experience. There were so many nice people and we had so much fun together. – Jildau, Netherlands

For me it was the trip to the Rocky Mountains! The whole tour was fun: the nature was impressive, my roommates were awesome on this trip and we are really close friends now, even the bus ride was a lot of fun. – Maria, Germany

I went to an amazing Rockies Trip. That was one of the best trips I have ever done and I only can suggest everybody to attend the next one in April!
I arrived Thursday Night and went straight to the Rockies on Friday morning. The program was awesome, and for me was it the perfect chance to meet people right away.
I was part of the “INTERNeX Family” from the very beginning. We had a great time with terrific parties and fun people! – Nicolas, Germany

The Rockies trip with West Trek. It was an amazing tour and I met a lot of people who I am still in contact with! – Gerdieneke, Netherlands


Well I think these testimonials say more than enough! Click here for more information about the trip and do not forget to stop by the office to sign up. If you want you can also pay on one of our pub nights or on friday at the Latin dinner.

See you at the Latin Dinner on Friday!

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

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