Review: Trip to Victoria

We’re back from our monthly overnight trip to Victoria! First of all, thank you guys all for joining us, it was lots of fun!

So we started our trip on saturday morning. Originally we wanted to leave at 7am but because of a chain of unfortunate circumstances we didn’t made it in time, but then just took the later ferry at 10am. Already the drive on the ferry was great, we were lucky and got the seats right at the top deck in front of the front window, so we had the best view of all passengers. The only consequence of our delay was that everybody was even more looking forward to our lunch in one of Tim recommended pubs, the canoes Brewpub. Nearly all of us had the famous Canoe Burger, which was amazing, but huge! But we wanted to do lots of things so there was no time for an after lunch nap.

First we went to see one of the smallest streets of the world in Chinatown (it was really small!!), then we check out the famous Empress Hotel and the Building of Parliament, which are both located on the beautiful harbour. And because we were really sporty that day we made it to build a huge human pyramide in front of the Parliament Building. We had a nice walk along the water to the fisherman’s wharf where we chilled in the sun for a while and had ice-cream and mini donuts.

We also went to the Beacon Hill Park, which is a really nice park just near the Royal BC Museum (and the Bug Zoo). Later we went back to our hostel and got ready for dinner at the Spinnakers (as well recommended by Tim). We had lots of different stuff to eat and some nice drinks, especially the Oysters were interesting, but everything was really delicious. Even though everybody was exhausted and tired after dinner because of our long day with a lot of walking, we decided to check out one of the local pubs and the nice lighted Building of Parliament.

The next day we slept in a little bid and then went to breakfast to a nice cafe where they served typical north american breakfast. So we had pancakes with bacon or french toast with hash browns or waffles with cream. It was awesome! Of course we had to burn all those calories again, so some of us decided to rent a bike and had a really nice drive along the ocean with lots of stunning view points. As our good-bye meal in Victoria we went to the old Spaghetti Factory and then we went back to Vancouver, where we arrived at about half past nine.

Check out our other pictures of this fun trip here.

Our next monthly overnight trip will be to the Rockies, for which you can sign up until the 5th at 12pm. If you haven’t checked our that trip yet you should definitely do that, its a great opportunity to see the rockies in the summer if you haven’t done that yet!!! We’ll have our PuB Night at wednesday in a pub near the beach and then we can go to the beach afterwards and watch the Celebration of Light together! Please remember also that our office will be closed on friday!

Hope you guys gave a great start in the week!

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

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